Build-a-Rag Doll: How To

Today I want to share how I assemble the Build-a-Rag Doll I designed for Clear & Simple Stamps.
For a limited time these dies come with a kit filled with the fabric and felt you will need to make your very own plush Rag Doll.

I designed an apple and pear fabric for your doll's dress and a cute stripe for the leggings.

I took a ton of photos and made two little movies out of them..... Or you can see the lite version in this post.

Rag Doll Assembly picture video.
Rag Doll Assembly 2 

First, I cut the dress fabric to fit my die cutter. It's six inches wide. The dress die fits perfectly in that space.

Cut two of everything basically. Each die set comes with complete detailed instructions.
Pin and sew.

Remember right sides together when sewing the limbs. 

Turn and stuff the limbs.

Sew the limbs in place.

With right sides facing, place the back on the front keeping the arms inside and the legs out.

Sew and turn.

Stuff the doll quite firm.

Pin and sew the opening shut.

And you're done!

Here are both a boy and a girl limited edition kit. Aren't they lovely?!

Get your very own Build-a-Rag Doll kit today while supplies last.

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