Sew Saturday: spring weekender bag

Interfacing combo updated....

Let me share my best Weekender yet! I think I have found 
the perfect combination of interfacings. I used Pellon TP971F
Fusible Thermolam Plus (Quilting Interfacing - Fleece) on the
outer fabric and then for the lining fabric I layered Pellon 808
Craft Fuse (Crafts & Home Decor Interfacing - Stabilizer) first
then Fleece on top of Stabilizer. Both from JoAnn Fabric.
It looks and feels great. 
I found this lovely decor fabric there too, in the remnants bin.

How about that little matching zipper pouch... 
I can't help but make a matching something!

xo steph

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BayouTrekker said...

Steph, I just love this bag. I've read and reread your description of interfacing and batting. Could you be more specific about what you did, please? I've never heard of craft bond. I Googled it, but only found a spray adhesive. Is it some sort of product like peltex?
Also, when/where are you using batting?

Your fabrics really make this bag eye stopping.

Thanks for sharing!

StubbsFamily said...

YEs, I want specifics too! I'm trying to get brave enough to start mine!
Looks great!

Lori said...

Great job! Love that little matching bag too, isn't it fun to make an extra?

Unknown said...

Clarification needed: Did you use 809 Decor Bond, or 808 Craft Fuse? Thanks.

Steph Zerbe said...

Thanks for all of your comments ladies. @ MK Houge, good catch, I made a mistake, it's 808 Craft Fuse that I used. Thank you, I'll change the post.


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