Carnival Party Peek

My baby girl just turned 2.

We hosted a little carnival party to celebrate.
I made a darling little reversible table cloth for the kid's table. 

Here's how I did it.

I grabbed a smallish plate from our kitchen cabinets to use as a template for the scalloped border. 

I gather all the fabrics I needed, stacked them up and traced the plate onto the top fabric. Then cut them all at once after pinning them together. 

I matched them in twos right sides facing the sewed them all the way around. No need to leave an opening for turning because I simply took the whole stack of sewn circles to the cutting mat and cut them in half with a rotary cutter. 

Then I top stitched the round section of each piece. 
Now we're ready to assemble!
I cut a two pieces of fabric the same size as the table. One in a solid and one in this fun multicolor dot fabric. 

During assembly I added a tie to each corner for two reasons. First so you can tie it to the table so it doesn't move around during playtime and secondly so the kids can use it as a fort blanket and tie it to anything. 

I sewed it up, turned it and top stitched. All done and it's so cute!

Baby girl approved.

Thanks for stopping by,

oh hey, be sure to pop back in on Saturday so I can tell you all about those cute Rag Dolls on the table....


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