Craft Room Peek

Every crafty soul loves a craft room reveal, am I right? 

Today I am sharing a portion of my room with you. Buckle up....

Recently, I realized I was fed up with this Beautiful Mess I call my craft room
and decided to do something about it. But, I needed help. I came across
an organizing website, Organize I was reading a post about
how you can hire a professional to help you organize your office and
this little window popped up asking if I had a question.
Well, yes I do. I sent in a question and, long story short, 
I met Lisa, a professional, and received some much needed advice. After sending
in a few before photos, Lisa gave me 3 specific taskes and I went to work.

1) go up with storage.
I first thought I'd buy more cabinets but realized I could stack what I had and add shelves In between to give me that counter space back.  I bought the shelves a while back but I was just using them as desk tops.  
Now one is a top shelf holding scrapbooks, quilt projects, apothecary jars and a paper carousel. The other is used as a desk holding my die cutter.  

Underneath, I can store bins full of stamps. They are easy to get to and that is crucial for my little stamp designing gig

Below: I needed a spot for my not so pretty ribbons and stamping inks.
I grabbed this under appreciated old nightstand from a closet to help me out.
Now all of my paper crafting supplies are together. Yes, that's a 8.5 x 11
paper organizer... don't be hatin'!

2) clean up 30 minutes every 3 days.
On day 3 after finishing a project I took the time to put everything away. It was so nice to have that space back. Three days later I did it again, only I felt very motivated to keep going so I could accomplish tip #3. Which is to.....
3) make more space by moving out 'older passions' to another area outside the craftroom. 
That got me thinking. I started going through drawers and cabinets just to find older passions and found plenty of stuff to trash and donate. It started becoming fun. 
Before I knew it I was putting like things together and finding better homes for the things I use regularly. Instead of storing things in another room I decided to store the things I know I won't get to any time soon up high. Some of these baskets I found in other rooms and they were EMPTY!

I adore these stacked fabric boxes, Home Goods find, but I didn't have space to properly store them so they never even got filled. Now they hold future projects
(quilt and bag fabrics, some are half done) and are stored UP HIGH, which is where
I am putting all my "can't get to any time soon" projects.

I have an obsession with the clearance bins at all my local, and non-local, fabric stores. I found this awesome 3 section wooden bin at Home Goods that just happened to fit in the empty space under my main craft desk. But I let it overflow. I moved some things around and ended up with an empty bin that I can store the excess close by. 

Right across from the 3 section fabric bin. Yeah, more fabric!

These bottom two bins hold mostly soft fabrics for baby blankets.

These desks are for cutting paper, stamping and cutting fabric.

The stamp area already has two new projects in waiting.

Another empty basket is now holding my handmade accordion style jewelry stands that we're on top of the hanging shelves all spread out 'as if for sale' in the before picture (see below). This is great for two reasons. One, the obvious, now I have more room up top for storage (bonus, it looks better too!). And two, I can just grab this bin when it's craft fair time instead of fumbling around with two awkward and heavy wooden stands. Any fallen jewelry will land in the basket. I will test this theory soon, for there's a craft fair afoot! 

Thanks to Lisa at Organize 365 for getting the ball rolling.
I believe you can get this virtual service too. Just head over to


Do you let your craft room get this bad?


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c.lynn said...

Looks great! Think K will let me use the WHOLE lower level for my crafty stuff? I need more SPACE! Or maybe just a cue from you and better storage systems. :)

scrapsara said...

Steph - the white box things that you used with the vertical storage? Are they the Michaels brand ones? Your room is awesome!!

Steph Zerbe said...

@ scrapsara: They are made by Store In Style (Crop in Style). They are a little bigger and better than the ones you can get at Michaels. More options too. I found them online. Thanks for the comment!

christina said...

what a great space! thank you so much for sharing on my sewing spaces series!


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