Back-to-School project with Rag Doll Scenes

My son just started Kindergarten and now needs to take lunch money to school. I couldn't just send him off with a blank envelope, it had to be decorated. In the photos you'll see Rag Doll Chloe as the star pupil. 

Do yourself a favor and make masks for all of your Rag Dolls. It's so fun to make a scene for whatever occasion you need. Masking your stamps ahead of time will save you some of that creative energy! Ya know, for the fun stuff .....stamping, masking and coloring!

Here's how I made the lunch money envie and a matching card for the lucky recipient to one day give to her teacher. 

I used colored pencils in this project. I have memories of high school art class. We would first color the image with marker then colored pencils. It was a great look. Everything looked so rich. Try it.

How about that ombre lettering? The new Rag Doll Teacher's Notes set has so many great teacher sentiments plus this big Teacher with stitched lines that matches the Rag Dolls. Love that!
You'll find the chalk hopscotch and flower in grass in Rag Doll Scenes 1.

I used the same technique with the money envie. I added a cute banner from Banner Flags 3 and stamped 'Color Me' using two other stamps.  The word 'Color' is from Rag Doll Emma Color and 'ME' is from Happy Leaning Rag Doll Emma. The recipient can enjoy coloring this before class.

Here's a few more. I had a little assembly line going for both projects. 

Check out the Clear & Simple Stamps blog tomorrow for the next fun how-to project. 

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Cindy said...

What did you use for your masking paper?


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