Teacher Gift: for the writer

Last but not least, a teacher gift 'for the writer'. I made this 6-Pocket Bag using this tutorial HERE. I made it twice as big though! You could definitely fit your laptop in this bag! You can fit your mini tablet in the middle pocket.

This gift came with a journal and pretty pen (not shown), a zipper pouch and an organizer.

This teacher's college bound daughter loves this bag and tried to claim it as her own.

I covered the paper organizer with a little fabric. I used double-sided tape and fabric fray on the raw edges.

The blue organizer is the before.....
found at Target.

A great place to keep all your little lists!

This is a glasses pouch for my reading glasses wearing teach! Come to think of it, they all wear glasses. I should make a few more!! I got the tutorial HERE.

Check out the other two bags HERE and HERE.

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