Teacher Gift: for the pool lover

I found this cheeky fabric online.... it's so pretty but if you look closely it has a big old frog in the pattern. I find that amusing and I thought my son's 'joke cracking' teacher would think so too. This is the 6-pocket Bag again. I found the tutorial HERE.

I made it for my son's 'Poolside Loving' teacher.

You can see the frog very well on the zipper pouch. Look at that perfectly matching zipper!!
You can fit a tablet in the bag or magazines. And the six outer pockets provide storage for all things you'd need for a poolside adventure....

I found the perfect coordinating towel at Target. Not that I wasn't willing to make my own.

I had some scrap fabric left over so I cut it in strips, sewed the strips together and then top stitched going the other direction. It looks like a miniature patchwork quilt.

See the other two bags, HERE and HERE.

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