Zipper Pouch and Pretty Fabric Flowers

I am a paper crafter learning to sew. I love how you can cut fabric with the same dies you cut paper with.....
Check out how I made the cute flower embellishment to help cover up a flaw on my first zipper pouch.

Build-a-Flower (dies)

With a little help from a scratch piece of paper I made a clean cut with my die cutter and metal flower dies from Clear & Simple Stamps. I simply sandwiched the paper between the bottom cutting plate and the fabric. The die was on top of the fabric.

I cut 4 large flowers and 1 small one. Then I folded the large flowers in half then in half again.

I used this tacky glue to adhere the fabric flowers to a circle of felt.

 Once all four flowers were stuck to the felt I turned it over and glued the back of the felt and added it to the zipper pouch.

Then I crumpled up the small flower a bit to give it some texture and added it to the center of the flower on the pouch. I also roller a strip of fabric into a flower and added it to the top.

I was feeling pretty brave and decided not only was I gonna tackle adding a zipper to a project but I was gonna add pleats too. A first for both!

You can't see that the polka dot strip of fabric in the center of the pouch is higher up on one side than the other. The flower tricks your eye!!

So go ahead.... try out your dies with fabric! I'd love to see what your creative minds come up with!

Check out the Release in Review line up at Clear & Simple Stamps. This die set has a matching stamp set!

Thanks for popping in,


whoistracy said...

Cute!!! Love your little pouch, what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

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Quip1320 said...

I am totally going to try this out to make some hair clips. I love that flower!


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