Collection 5 Release Day 5: Bean Bags

Today's release is so amazing.... fruits and veggies stamps and dies... eek!!
I wanted to make some oversized dies for bigger projects for both paper crafting shape cards and decorating onesies with applique, as well as, those talented folks that enjoy making coin purses, and more simple sewing projects like BEAN BAGS!

Fruit Applique: Apple/Pear/Citrus
Fruit Applique: Strawberry/Watermelon

These fruit dies are so fun. I cut both felt and fabric with them. The trick for cutting fabric with these dies is either having interfacing on one side or placing a sheet of scrap paper under your fabric before die cutting. I have a Sizzix machine. It worked great!

I made a few bean bags using our new line of felt. I threw in a few other products from CSS: Build-a-Flower die, twine and buttons. Check them out....

They totally kick ass, right?! I love them. The kids never get to play with them for very long. LOL. They make great pin cushions in my craft room.... LOL again!

Last night, at my son's 5th birthday party, I let the kids play hopscotch with these little cuties!
Yes, that is painter's tape on the living room carpet. Like I'd let these hand sewn bags outside..... right!!

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Elena said...

We're not the only one who do indoor hopscotch - but you use the prettiest beanbags! My kids have been using their owie bags as little throw bags.... They set up toilet paper towers yesterday and were tossing the uglies at them to see who could knock down the most rolls....hee hee! Love your mix of fabrics!

Laurie said...

Steph these are ADORABLE!! I love the patterns you added in! And what a fun game! Love it!

Audrey said...

Such fabulous little bean bags! I love the color combinations and pretty fabrics. I am saving my pennies for these dies because they are kind of awesome! :)

June K said...

Wow, these are the cutest things. You actually let the kids play with them? LOL.

c.lynn said...



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