Collection 5 Day 3

Are you ready for day 3 of Clear & Simple Stamps Collection 5 Release? I am so excited to show you this next series. We lovingly call them UGLIES. They are little monsters that are so ugly that they are CUTE!

EEK.... isn't it purdy?!
I could not wait to paper piece this little cutie. You'll find it in a set called Little Uglies.... like our Little Critters, get it? Really, the series is almost identical. There is a Taglines set, which is great for tags... ;)  and there are builder dies, they are large, and then medium dies that go with this size stamp. So FUN!
I nice little close up is always fun! But the best part is that you can make these Uglies come to life..... with a little work....
Actually, this plush Ugly came alive long before this stamp set. My sister and I drew and then made these stuffed cuties together. My sister helped me transition from sewing paper to sewing fabric.... what?!! I never thought I'd go that far with it. LOL. This UGLY inspired the entire Uglies series.

Here is the back. Complete with a dragon like back and tail.

Thanks sis for showing me the light!!!

Okay, now one more little project....
This little guy here is a Thank You card for my kiddo to send to someone special. Today is his 5th birthday, so he'll be in need of it real soon. ;)

I went with a much more simple design for this card. I used my Copic markers to color the eye and teeth, along with all the number fives on the pattern paper. How easy would this be to bring to life. Maybe it will be my next sewing project!

Here are the sets being released.....


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Now, check out the rest of the series starting here: Clear & Simple Stamps.


Kelly Griglione said...

Super, super cute set, and what a unique and highly useable concept! My little boy turns 5 in two weeks. How can that be?!

June Houck said...

Oh, those little uglies are really cute :) Fabulous papers, excellent sewing, and another fabulous post!

Laurie said...

These are amazing! You are to talented!

c.lynn said...

You're welcome! We'll try pretty much anything that we could make with our hands, right!?


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