Craft Room Peek & Juicing Journal

Are you fed up with your craft room mess? Well, I sure am. 
I finally realized I could accomplish more if I simply reorganize 
my craftroom. Trash or donate what you don't use and keep 
like things together. 

That is where I started on my Project: Organize journey.

I can never remember all the different spots where I've stashed, 
not stored, my finished cards. So this week, I pulled out my new 
File It sets/dies from Clear & Simple Stamps and gathered up 
all my finished cards. I organized them by subject, die cut some 
index dividers from the new Stationary Organizer dies set and 
stamped each one. I emptied a useless drawer and bin, it has 
now become the new home for all my finished cards.

This is just the beginning folks. 
You will see some before and after
photos of my craftroom in the near future. 
You've been warned. ha!


I'm also embarking on another Trash What You Don't Need sort of
project. I'm focusing on my health and have started juicing once
again. I've done this a few times but find that cleaning the juicer is
a total pain. A few days ago while grocery shopping, I discovered 
all these REAL juices already packaged up for me to just drink. 
I drank the first one in the car on my way home. It was good, 
I was so happy I didn't have to pull out my juicer and spend at least 
30 minutes cleaning fruit, juicing and then cleaning the juicer. 
Then doing it all over again, again, and again.

These 'Real Juices' only have good stuff in them too!

Which brings me to the next project:

I love writing things down and comparing brands. I've done this with 
breads, sauces, etc. This next project is a juice journal, of sorts.
I found an unused notebook and stared stamping in it. Making charts 
with File It stamps/dies, Airmail, colored pencils, pattern paper and fabric tape 
to make it pretty. I won't misplace it or forget about it if it's pretty, right?!

I used the fabric tape to hold down the clear polka dot sheets. 
I found the perfect size glass in Taglines: by the glass and the fun glass fillers: 
ice, orange peel, umbrella.... they are so cute and fun to play with.

I just started day 3 and I am so enjoying it. I'm happier, more focused and 
I have more energy. The coolest things might be that I lost 2 lbs. 
Wow, I didn't see that coming.

Anyways, I am also enjoying comparing calories, carbs (c), sugar (s), 
fiber (f), and protein (p). Yes, surprisingly some of them have protein!
This way I can decide which brand works best for me.

I record how each tastes and how I felt after. I used Alpha Modern
the Itty Bitty letters to label each section.

Do you like to journal things like this? I know I'll stop at one point
but when I return to juicing I know I'll appreciate the effort I put in
journaling my thoughts and results.... I guess I need to add a
weight chart in the next section. I'll keep that portion to myself. Ha!

Check out more File It ideas at Clear & Simple Stamps.

Thanks for hanging out,


Jennifer Rzasa said...

I love it! And good luck with the rest of your organization :)

c.lynn said...

Consider whipping up the 'juice' with a little filtered water in a high speed blender, then you get the benefits of the fiber too, but it's still kind of 'pre-digested' because the blender has broken it down for you. I call it 'shmuice'.


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