Now that's an UGLY shirt!

Ha ha! Welcome to Clear & Simple Stamps Release in Review: UGLIES.

Have you seen all the funny things people are making with this new line of stamps and dies. Today I wanted to share a shirt I made for my kiddo. He thinks the Uglies are funny and so do I.

I discovered another fabulous use for my Copic markers. Instead of changing out my thread to suit a project... laziness (and I'm cheap), I change the thread's color AFTER I'm done sewing by coloring it with Copics!! You can see my terrible sewing job above then the cover-up....
I made a matching gift bag and tag for this little tee, too. I used  Taglines: Uglies and Walter "Sprout" dies. It's so fun mixing and matching papers and if you get more Uglies you could mix and match limbs. Too cute!

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Laurie Willison
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Lori said...

That t-shirt is awesome, Steph!

c.lynn said...



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