Plush Felt Owl for Baby

How cute is this little Owl?!
Clear & Simple Stamps carries FELT now!! I had to break out my Build-a-Critter OWL, some fabric and a silky ribbon to make a little plushie for baby Emma.

I cut all the pieces I needed for the owl then decided it needed wings. So, I used the fox mask from Build-a-Critter Fox/Raccoon. I folded it in half and stitched it all together with a sewing machine. Even the buttons!

Emma loves playing with my ribbon bin and all silky tags so I added a special little silky ribbon for her to enjoy.
Here is the back of the plushie. I stuffed it with some of the stuffing from an old pillow then squeezed it back into the sewing machine and finished it off.

 And here is little Miss Emma with her handmade Plush Felt Owl.

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Dana Grothaus said...

How adorable is Miss Emma!? Such a great idea and it looks so soft, perfect for a little one. You have gotten me itchy to get out my sewing machine!

Jen Carter said...

That owl is so cute! And little Emma is adorable!!


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