Homemade Flashcards

My two year old loves our flashcard learning time.....
b, o, a, t .... he yells, 'yeeeaaah' then clap, clap, clap!

I scored these chipboard scraps at a local print shop... I dumpster dive as often as possible. I used to work there so they don't mind. Then I had them bind them together. I have made mini scrapbooks with them too. This is one I sold at my Etsy shop... ages ago!




Clare said...

how cute!
just saw the little birdhouse you made that won the PIO award - now you've inspired me! :)

Cheryl said...

oh love these they are just brilliant love them love cheryl xxxx

Sue-ann said...

I love love LOVE those flash cards!! You're just too clever!!!!

Chrissy D said...

Love the flash cards!!! I make some for my kids too - but they are SO NOT that fancy. But my kids play with them, so I figure they will get destroyed. Your other tag book is FABULOUS too - love the vintage feel of it!


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