Day 2: Sneak Peek

Oh, this is fun!
One more day of sneak peeks before you get to see the  
Big Reveal, the Big Kahuna,
the Big Bash we call The Holiday Hop. 
See you at Caardvarks Nov. 1, 2 and 3!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with one last Sneak Peek!


June Houck said...

Okay, so it is a treat box...does it have chocolate inside?!

mustangkayla said...

How very pretty! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Denise said...

Looking forward to the BIG reveal... your vintage ornament makes my heart go 'pitter patter'... divine!

ellen s. said...

okay. i have to redo my card now, LOL!

just gorgeous! and that is just the sneak...ACK!

Cheryl said...

this is so preety cant wait to see more love cheryl xxx


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